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Genesys Games

Why Conquer Worlds when you can Create Them

Products from Genesys Games


The Genesys Project- Core Rules

Take your armies to the tabletop to battle for survival and supremacy. The Core Rules give you the rules for the you need for all three ages of game play and the tools through mission awards to advance through the Ages.

Inside are pre-made factions for each of the domains created by backers of the game.


Available Now

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The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age

Create your own faction in an Age of violence and conflict. Select your faction's traits and abilities as well as customizing your weapons, armor, and magical powers. Even Monsters can be created to use in your factions. 

Choose from Five Domains: Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests and Insekt.

Fantasy, Medieval, Early Renaissance.

Available Now

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Revelations of Genesys- 2nd Age

Pre-Orders Coming Soon

Create your faction here in the 2nd Age, or progress your faction through the 1st Age into the 2nd. This is an age of brutal wars that takes the Genesys Worlds to the brink of self determined annihilation. Customize your weapons, vehicles of war to, pushing the boundaries science and technology, and the powers from beyond. 

​Early Modern to the Near Future


3rd Age Transparent.png

The Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age

Pre-Orders Comming Soon

Create your faction here in the 3rd Age or play through from the previous ages. The end is nigh as the universe itself is collapsing. Desperation has pushed those that survive into a brutal race of conflict to find the answers to salvation. Customize your faction, futuristic weapons of war, mecha, powered armor and more. 

​​Far Distant Future



Genesys Games 

Welcome to Genesys Games, the Next Age in Tabletop Wargaming. The Genesys Project is coming soon to launch, a project that has been 6+ years in the making with nearly 900 gamers like you signing up for our year long Open Beta to see what this is all about. 

The Genesys Project is one game, divided up into 3 Ages of Gameplay. You create your own faction, select your own Traits and Abilities and customize your weapons, armor, vehicles, and even magical powers from outside of reality. 

The game is about putting the control back to the player. Design your species based on miniatures you already have, a theme you want to play, to fit your playstyle, or based on the builds you find interesting. The choice is yours to play and customize. 

Gameplay is extremely dynamic, with each side of the combat vying for the upper hand in a system we call the Combat Situation. Both sides compete for the bonuses, but only on side will have the advantage over the other to get their enhancements for the combat. 

Play the Genesys Project in any of the three ages, or start from the beginning and progress your faction through the ages creating your own narratives and stories.


Heroes are not created, they are born through gameplay. 


Gary Krieger

Many of you may know me as Natfka from Faeit 212 where I have been running the site for nearly a decade. I have been a gamer all my life and as far back as the 70’s I loved creating new spells, magic items , and creating worlds for campaigns to explore in Dungeons and Dragons. Years later, I was introduced to tabletop wargaming at the onset of the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40,000, and have spent countless hours customizing models, and hitting the tabletop with massive armies that I still collect today.


The Genesys Project started years ago, as a concept with no gaming medium. I am a huge fan of games like Sid Mier’s Civilization and Masters of Orion, however, I found them limiting missing the key elements that miniature gaming excels at. Tabletop games is where I have found all the action, but I always wanted more cinematics out of them. I wanted to write the stories of my men, explore my army’s background and history, and move them forward to greater glory and more.


I wanted a game that could do this, and get these events out of my imagination, and into solid rules to play and explore. More than anything, I wanted a game that could engage others do to the same, and become part of the story.


Welcome to The Genesys Project.


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