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Armor vs Strength (Natural Armor)

For those of you that have played The Genesys Project it was clear that armor (and Natural Armor) granted you bonuses to your toughness. Both Natural Armor and Equipped Armor were the same in that regards but did not stack upon each other.

The biggest change to armor in Epoch is that while Natural Armor works the same as it did before, Armor now directly works against the strength of an attack. As you can see, both also will now stack. A Dragon that is tough for instance can still equip

Armor reduces the strength of an attack by the same amount as the armor X. For example, Armor 1 would reduce the strength of attacks against the model by 1. Armor 2 would reduce the strength of the attack by 2, and so on.

This quickly removes the possibility of strength bonuses during combat situation. Any attack that has a strength of 0, reduces the damage of the attack. This makes heavy armor extremely valuable, but like always its expensive with penalties.

How to gain strength through weapons and skills will be discussed in the near future, as well as how to get through armor.

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