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Class Levels and how they effect Combat Resolution

One of the most interesting items in the new Core Rules is how Combat Resolution relates to class levels. We all know that in general there are 1-4 class levels for most factions and going higher with leveled up heroes and future ages.

A models class level depicts a more trained, seasoned, or advanced model often with skills and other options that lower levels do not get. Now as we move forward into Genesys Epoch, class levels limit how many types of combat modifiers you can use in the Combat Situation.

For example, a level 2 class can use two modifiers and combine them, like using High Ground and Strength bonuses to apply them to the combat situation.

Likewise a Level 1 class could only take advantage of one combat situation modifier to try and gain the upper hand during combat.

What this demonstrates is a higher level class will have better situational awareness to take advantage of multiple combat situation modifiers. This gives a higher level class the opportunity to use multiple situational bonuses to gain the upper hand.

Look forward towards the release of Epoch's Core Rule set coming on June 20th.

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