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What Changes can be found in Epoch?

There are several changes and refinements that have been made to the Core Rules, and I thought we would do a quick look at the largest and most likely the first you would see if you were quickly skimming.

An Expanded Mission section. This both gives additional missions and variants of missions, but also gives players the opportunity to control their missions either through the luck of the die, or through skills.

Mission Parameters

Primary Missions have 5 different categories and rolling a die with results grants puts your mission in the corresponding numbered category. A roll of a 6, modified or not, allows you choose the Mission Category. Category examples are Kill Missions, Capture and Control Missions, etc.


Each category has similar mission types numbering 5 in each category and rolling a die gives you the corresponding mission. Again, like above, the roll of a 6 allows you to choose the mission you get.

Mission Bonuses

While the standard mission rewards are still similar in percentages you can earn in your games (with slight adjustments), there is a way to earn additional or even partial mission awards that are mission specific.

Difficult Missions: It's not a total loss. You were close and had some success

A mission that is more difficult will likely have an opportunity to score less rewards if you have some success (even if minor). For example; only taking 1 of your opponents deployment zones if you were required to take 2. This could give you a 10 or 20% progression award instead of the full amount.

Over achieving can also occur when you complete your mission and complete additional listed requirements . These mission bonuses that grant additional percentages (10-20%) depending upon the outcome of your mission. For example taking both required enemy deployment zones and no enemies models where left in those in those zones.

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