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Launching Genesys Epoch

It's time to move forward.

We know we have been remiss and while there is no going back, we are pushing ahead with our plans to release the Genesys Project Epoch first and foremost to those of you that have backed us on Kickststarter or by other means.

We will be releasing what we have been testing and working on for the past couple years+. There be a monthly in a digital release through the scheduled listing with the plans for a special edition release in physical format (for backers only). For those of you coming later, but included for current backers, The Genesys Project will become living rulebook with a method (not released yet) to jump on board.

What is Genesys Epoch?

While silent, work on this project has not stopped (there were a couple extended pauses) and we are excited for just what the new edition will bring to the table. Genesys Epoch is a refining and even more epic version of The Genesys Project which we will be discussing over the next few weeks through until June 20th.

If you are familiar with the game, you will already know just how flexible it is to create your faction in both the first and second ages. What you haven't seen yet is how we have refined and fixed what we considered to be glaring problems through progression and sessions that could become quite unbalanced and unforgiving. Concepts and ideas that were either left out or not in the game have been given a method for inclusion, and we look forward to next several months of getting these out to you.

We know there will be additional questions and concerns. There will be more details coming.

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