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The Genesys Project

What is the Genesys Project? 
Its a fully customizable tabletop miniatures game where you create your own faction by selecting your own Traits and Abilities for your Faction/Species and form your Unit Classes (classes are unit types with different abilities). Gameplay is dynamic and engaging allowing you to gain awards and progress your faction through the Ages of Genesys to create your own narrative.


The Birth of Genesys is the 1st Age and is available now

along with The Genesys Project- Core Rules

Revelations of the Genesys- 2nd Age, and Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age are Coming to Kickstarter in November

Create your Faction- Customize Equipment

Create your faction, customize your weapons, armor, magical powers, and vehicles of war. To do this, take one of the Five Domains: select your Traits and Abilities, create unique Unit Classes, and forge your own narrative through the creation process and game play.

You are in Control of your faction. Create it based on a theme, rules, an existing miniature collection you have...... 

Domains of the Genesys Project

Create your Faction from one of the 5 Domains

or even cross over Domains through Forbidden Lore

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Right and Wrong, Good versus Evil are a large part of the Humanoid drive to conquer and subject other species to their will.

Humanoids are righteous in their determination – all who do not bend to their version of what is right drives humanoids to conflict. 


Humanoid species include Human, Orcs Dwarves, Giants, Elves and others make Humanoids a very diverse domain. 


The Fey are Immortal and not of this world. They exist outside of reality, originating from beyond the Ethereal. 


For the Fey, Good and Evil are tangible and pure. Their eternal conflict and strife have brought the Fey to the Genesys Worlds. 

To others the Fey are mysterious entities either guiding the mortal races, or are full of contempt, appearing as Angels or Demons, primal entities, and spirits from beyond.


The Reptilia are cold blooded, brutal and incapable of empathy.

Their intellect is savage and cunning, taking them above the bickering and political intrigues that plague the other Domains that the Reptilia consider themselves far superior to.

The Lineages of Reptilia are the highly intelligent Saurien, the more primitive Tuatara, violent Troglodytes, snake like Ophidians and more. 


They are as wild as is the lands they inhabit, savage and brutal, driven to war at the slightest provocation.

The Biests push the limits of what is considered a civilized species. They are the ultimate hunters willing to fight rather than find peaceful solutions.

The other species are often seen as denying their true origins, with religion,domestication, and dominance over the wilds thought of as evil affronts to the worlds they live in.


The Insekt comprise a multitude of forms and variation specialized for their purpose of feeding, propagation, and evolutionary progress. This forms the core of their morality, and their single-minded purpose from which drives them into conflict with the other Domains

The Insekt evolve quickly to eliminate and overcome the biggest of adversaries. 


Then there are the Cordyceps.....Intelligent and controlling fungi.

After 5-6 years of development (youve been hearing about this for years) and a full year of an open beta... where almost 900 people signed up to learn more and participate, The Genesys Project is finally ready to launch.

What is the Genesys Project? 

Its a fully customizable tabletop miniatures game where you create your own faction by selecting your own Traits and Abilities for your Faction/Species and form your Unit Classes (classes are unit types with different abilities).


In the Genesys Project you can customize your own faction to fit your playstyle, a theme you love, using miniatures you already have or want to pick up, or even based on rules and other concepts you might have. Even your equipment including weapons and armor are customizable, allowing you to add to their attributes.


Did I mention you can create your own Monsters? Design your own Vehicles? Customize and build your own types of powered armor? This is what the Genesys Project is all about and much more.


There are three Ages of gameplay using a single Core Rule Set.

1. The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age -Fantasy, Medieval, Early Renaissance

2. The Wars of Genesys- 2nd Age -Modern to Near Future

3. The Terminus of Genesys- 3rd Age -Far Distant Future


Create your faction in any age and play through advancing from one age to the next to create an epic saga, a narrative forged by you. We like to say around here... Heroes are not created, but born through game play. (because they are!)


Our first order of business is The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age, which in conjunction with Dave Taylor Miniatures will be launching to Kickstarter the second week in July. The others will follow and our turn around quick.... because the rules are done.


We will be talking a lot about this in the coming weeks.


This is a project with a lot of community input and dedication. There are lots of companies that are supporting the game, making this extremely exciting to get to you. So in a couple days you will be hearing more........ but if you just got to know a little bit now, Ive got some links for you.

Genesys Games




So stay tuned.... we will have lots of information coming.

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