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Dave's Projects

Genesys Games is partnering with Dave Taylor, of Dave Taylor Miniatures, to bring The Genesys Project to Life.

Dave has been involved in tabletop miniatures wargaming for almost 30 years, having worked in "the business" for 25 years. He has recently delivered his own book Armies & Legions & Hordes as well as working with Mel Bose- The Terrain Tutor to successfully bring Terrain Essentials to Life. 

Dave knows this industry and is here to run the campaign with Genesys Games to get The Genesys Project funded through Kickstarter and into your hands. His expertise in Layout, editing, publishing, and distribution will make certain that many of the problems that can occur with new game launches are seen in advance to make this release efficient and successful. 

Places to Buy Your Miniatures

You will see amazing Miniatures from these Companies in our books


Constantly hailed as the best minis on the market, Raging Heroes miniatures are for the discerning wargamer who only want the most badass, beautiful and full of character miniatures

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Historical and science fiction miniatures

Designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed 28mm miniatures in plastic, metal and resin..


Mantic Games is all about providing the best fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and games at great value.

Games and miniature ranges such as DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game, Kings of War and Warpath.


Known for Frostgrave and Oathmark games with Osprey, Northstar Military Figures covers many different games and has a wide variety of miniatures available.

Podcasts and Interviews
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Cast Dice Podcast

The Genesys Project is a miniatures neutral game that is one of the most inclusive and imaginative game systems I have ever heard about. Unlike many projects that go to Kickstarter, Genesys has been rigorously play tested and worked through for years and it shows! The game is simultaneously deep and adaptive, in ways so far unseen in tabletop gaming, and yet clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Coming Soon

Anonymous Tabletop- Recorded

Skirmish Supremacy- Recorded

Beasts of War

Frontline Gaming

More to be Announced

Featured Podcasts and Interviews for the Genesys Project

Podcasts and Interviews

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