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Many an adventurer has entered the scattered ruins that liter the Hinterlands Plateau. The overgrown ruins hide a lost civilization of Insectoids that were driven to consume the fear of others. This hunger attracted the attention of demonic hordes and in one single cataclysmic event ended their civilization to the records of time. Lost secrets and items of power are said to remain in these ruins for those with enough courage to explore them.


While most find the ruins empty and uninspiring, there are many that have entered and never return. All was quiet for years until now.


The skies darkened, covering the Hinterlands. With renewed interest, exploration parties and treasure hunters have headed into the darkened ruins. None have returned.
Now the darkened skies above the ruins are broken by vigorous lightning strikes arcing across the sky above and the ground below. New terrors are spoken of a renewed awakening of the demons that once stalked the ruins and are said to have returned.


Welcome to the first of a series of Campaigns for The Genesys Project. This book requires The Genesys Project: Core Rules and the Birth of Genesys: 1st Age books to play. While designed for the 1st Age of gameplay, you could easily adapt the rules and scenarios within to 2nd or 3rd Age gameplay.

This campaign uses several distinct Campaign Rules that are detailed in this book allowing a greater number of players up to 4 on distinct and separate teams exploring the ruins and playing through. This campaign is set up for 1-4 players.


Campaign Rules Include:

  • Non Player Factions
  • Boss Encounters
  • Multiplayer Games up to 4 Players (both Cooperative and Competitive)
  • 1 Player Games
  • Dense Terrain Rules
  • Divided Games (multiple games with a single point value)
  • Heroic Play (for Hero Led Scenarios)
  • Resource Points (Every game matters and effects the outcome)

This Campaign is an extension of the factions and narratives created by backers of The Genesys Project Kickstarter camnpaign. The Cha’Qi are a playable faction of Fey that once inhabited the Hinterlands Plateau and now exist outside of reality. While this campaign does not feature them specifically, the narratives here take place in the ruins the Cha’Qi once inhabited where a Demon long thought killed has conquered death and is now about to be reborn. 


The Campaign is designed to be played over a week or long weekend and includes 5 Scenarios leading you and your friends to a very deadly finale with great rewards.


This is a Digital Release Only

Ruins of Tor Qi: First Age Campaign

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