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This bundle contains both Full Color Hard Cover books

1. The Genesys Project Core Rules- 96pgs

2. Birth of Genesys- 1st Age 184pgs

Containing both books for the 1st Age, you have everything you need to play in an age of medieval fantasy.


The Genesys Project Core Rules contains all that you need to play the game for any Age of gameplay.

• Introduction

• Overview of the Genesys Words

• Gaming Rules

• Preparing your Forces

• 10 Missions

• Post-game Results for Campaign Play

• And seven, pre-made 1st AGE factions, ready for you to start playing


As the name of this book suggests, these are the core rules for playing games of The Genesys Project. This is a unit-based skirmish game, so the rules are swift, and still contain a level of granularity to provide deeply satisfying games. The inclusion of the ready-made 1st AGE factions gives you a taste of what is possible when you move into the 1st AGE book.


The Core Rules are one set of rules that all three Ages of The Genesys Project use. Three Ages - One Core Set of Rules.


The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age is all that you need to create and advance your faction within the 5 Domains; Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests, and Insekt in a fantasy/medieval/Renaissance setting. This is a need to own book for customizing your factions and contains all the rules to customize your Armory, Spell-like powers, and Natural Weapons.


Inside you find

• Lore of the Genesys Worlds

• How To Build a Faction

• The Humanoid Domain

• The Biest Domain

• The Fey Domain

• The Reptilia Domain

• The Insekt Domain


The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE) book is where The Genesys Project really sets itself apart. Here you get to choose from five different Domains, then work through and create each of your unit types (including their stats and traits) to create a faction that is unique to you.



Core Rules + First Age Bundle Books

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