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The Realms of Gaea- Get Wild with New Terrain/Weather Rules

Friday we are releasing the Realms of Gaea which include backstory for the realm and 16 factions that will give you a great starting place to play the Genesys Project for both veterans and new players. The Realms of Gaea come with new terrain and weather tables and just how they will affect the battlefield. This includes rules for Impassable Terrain rules (lots of terrain) and extreme temperatures. During heavy weather events (like heavy winds), even your Command Value-the number of squads able to be activated, is reduced where conditions make communication difficult. With new terrain and weather rules your battlefields will never be the same and provide new challenges and opportunities each time you play.

The Realms of Gaea require the Birth of Genesys: The First Age to play and The Genesys Project Core Rules. While free for the supporters of the game, the Realms of Gaea will be a companion release that will come with the purchase of the Birth of Genesys.

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