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Next Week- Realms of Gaea Campaign and Event Book

Next week we will be releasing the Realms of Gaea Campaign and Event book for the Birth of Genesys. This includes a full setting for 16 pre-made factions with a campaign setting full of the worlds history, campaign rules, new weather and terrain settings, Relics/Artifacts, all designed around a setting ready to play.

The Realms of Gaea will be a digital download free to all backers of the game and will be available on

Lets take a look at what will come with it.

The Realms of Gaea are dying. Once an oasis of life, teeming with a paradise of fields, forests, and rivers is now a desert wasteland. Badlands and deserts dominate the land surrounding island-like mountains in a barren landscape.

16 Factions: These factions are mere starting points for your armies with several classes and heroes for each faction. These factions come with 300pt lists that can be used to play right away for either events, casual pick up games, or the start of a full on campaign set in the Realm of Gaea. Each faction is meant to be taken and developed further adding additional classes and or heroes to for you to create your own group within the faction. This means that multiple players can play the same faction and yet have a different group that is their own.

A Living Campaign World: Playing in a gaming group or club never got better, with players factions and who and what they are playing having a direct effect on the game world itself. Factions have triggers that if enough players have them, grant bonuses. Savage Worlds, Technological Worlds, Heroic Worlds, and more become a thing in the Realm of Gaea and depend upon the factions there-in.

Relics and Artifacts: Playing in a campaign setting there are Relics and Artifacts that are available as special events launched by players at points of their progression. The items are unique and powerful, adding no properties to them, thus allowing you to use them in more scenarios. Orbs of Power (granting access to more many powers), Sandstorm Blades (whipping up the sands around you with each swing), and Amulet of Eyes (allowing sight into your opponents list for a game) are examples of what you find in this book.

Weather and Terrain found in the Realms of Gaea offer unique challenges and opportunities in games. The Gaean Badlands, Desert Wastes, Mountainous Islands, or isolated Wetland Marshes are all represented for your games to play in.

Campaign and Events: As a tournament Event, pick up games, or a full on Campaign this release will get you started and it all comes next week!

This will be available of Next Friday (unless we hit the release button a little early)

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