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Campaign and Event Faction Preview- The Brawlers

The Birth of Genesys Campaign and Event release is coming very soon. Lets take a quick look at 2 very different factions that have one thing in common, they like to fight dirty.

There are 16 factions that comes with this release that are ready to play the instant you get them in listed 300pt game lists. Each one was created to show different combinations and outlooks into taking on your opponents. Lets take a look at a couple of the factions.

Both of these Humanoid Factions come with Dirty Fighting.


This faction is focused on Viking Heroes and warriors still looking to become heroes. Highly skilled and tough, these warriors will be a not only a challenge to play (you will almost always feel outnumbered or outsized), but a challenge to kill. They have traits such as Aberration, Endure Pain, Difficult to Kill, Specialized Mutation, Brawler, and Martial Axes

300pt List: Includes a Level 1 and a Level 2 Hero. Each one extremely tough with 3 wounds each.

Just check out a look at this highly skilled Hero who comes with Taking the Initiative and All Around Sight. In a 300pt battle he will a major thorn in your opponents side doing two damage with every swing of his Martial Axes.

The Level 1 Hero is a Berserker with high strength and toughness to make certain you keep the Combat Situation on your side.

Faction Strengths: Very skilled tough warriors with Heroes to prevent opponents from gaining the upper hand. They are able to take on larger or more numerous opponents in the hands of a skilled player.

Faction Weakness: The 300pt list literally is 4 miniatures. So you must be thinking ahead to acquire your primary objectives and its possible to get bogged down in a fighting the enemy.


Out of the 16 factions the Goblyn Warhost has by far the most miniatures and will be bringing 28 miniatures to the table in a 300pt game. While just throwing your goblyn horde at the enemy might seem like the most obvious choice here, and at 6 points they might just be that, they are often slaughtered in large numbers. You have lots of models to spare here and your goal is to overwhelm your enemies with low point costed models, a couple goblyn archers to keep your opponent honest, and one big bad boy Troll to do some smashing!

As you may have guessed, these goblyns are rather fragile on their own with only a few traits to keep their point costs down and their numbers high.

Goblyn Warriors make up the bulk of your horde, but are quick on the field! Movement 4 with dirty fighting means that these hordes must be dealt with and quick. They can take the losses and quickly overtake your opponent. 6 squads of 4 goblyns with primitive weapons is certain to keep frighten the villagers and those weak of heart.

With goblyns everywhere and locked in combat it leaves plenty of time for this guy to do his favorite thing... run up behind you and "Smash" Attacking exhausted opponents, this guy is a beast to deal with on the table.

Faction Strengths: An easier faction to learn and play, the horde moves forward quickly to overwhelm. You can quickly take control of where the battle is taking place and have lots of squads to take over and get your primary missions won. The troll does wonders at taking down models focused on fighting goblyns and is a great counterweight to the horde for when you face something big. You will have 28 models on the table for 300pts!

Faction Weaknesses: While there is a token archer squad of goblyns, they will feel more like morale support for you, but if they do wound something... get excited, and throw a party cause its not that often. Your hordes are vulnerable to area attacks, those with spears or long reach, and almost anything else. Be prepared to lose some models. If models dying on the table is hard for you, you might need to play a different faction.

The Birth of Genesys Campaign and Event release will contain 16 starter factions and rules to run events and campaigns. It will be released in the coming weeks to the Genesys Project Community. This will be released to download here on, and its a great way to introduce friends and new players to the game with 300pt lists already put together.

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