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A Look Ahead at 2022

With a lot happening it is apparent that a method to keep everyone apprised of what is happening with the Genesys Project. So check back here and you will be able to see the latest notices, and updates, and news.

You can download this here or read on to see what is on store for The Genesys Project.

The Genesys Project 2022 Update
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The Genesys Project 2022 Update

As the new year is fully underway now it’s time for some updates on where the Genesys Project is currently is. Lets hit them one by one.

The 2nd Age- Revelations digital was released a couple months back and we are working through questions and issues we have seen posted that will be updated into a final release for the book. As the questions at the moment are a little scattered, we are a little concerned we will miss something, so will be using a post in the forums to make certain we have everything that comes in taken into account as we work through the update to the book. Look for this to go live later this week, most likely Friday, when we get our offices back.

The Birth of Genesys 1st Age has a couple of updates and revisions as well coming which will fall into a 2022 version that will be on the horizon. These kind of updates will continue to enhance the game but also help answer questions that are asked.

The 3rd Age- Exodus is has been giving us a few roadblocks and we have been working rather hard on them in respect to the other ages. This is has been a kind of “put our heads down and lock ourselves in a room” type of thing to get this age under wraps so that we can get it released out to you. I hope to be sharing more here very soon (screenshots and information). This is literally our biggest priority right now.

The Genesys Project Events Campaign Supplement

There is a release coming very soon, meaning I saw a final laid out version of it a couple days ago. We will be going through it to double check it and should have it out shortly. This will be a digital release that will be free to players.

So what is it? It is a Campaign book with 16 balanced factions to start playing the game right away. Each one has a 300pt list with it to start playing now. Each faction is only a starting point….. meaning that each faction comes with several classes and or heroes but is not a complete faction with every class fulfilled to allow for players to add onto each one and make it their own.

One of the most exciting parts is that in a 3 hour playtest sessions we typically were getting in 2-3 games each during playtesting so you can try out a lot of factions quickly.

This book has rules for planning an event for up to 16 factions for a weekend of fun using the factions for a tournament type setting or a get to know the rules event. For these events, mission awards are applied to existing factions so that heroes and factions will grow as the event continues.

While this is set in the 1st Age, a 2nd Age, and 3rd Age one will also be released sometime towards the end of the year, (playtesting already under way) and again these are free releases that will be available on

So later this week look for the forum post on where to start asking your 2nd Age questions and the Events Campaign book sometime next week.

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