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Creating Your Faction

Steps to Creating your Faction

1. Select Domain

2. Choose Faction Traits

3. Create Classes

Creating a Faction 1.png

Fillable Faction Forms let you create your own Faction Book that are free to download.

Multiple Available Forms, Fillable, Manual, and Easy Print options

Select Domain


Options Include

1. Humanoid

2. Fey

3. Reptilia

4. Biest

5. Insekt

creating a faction 2.png

Step 1. Select Domain

Optional- Load Image

Fillable form allows easy click and load.

Record Starting 


for the Domain

Creating a faction2a.png

Step 2. Choose Faction Traits

Select Traits


Each Trait Comes with a point cost and 1 or more abilities 

Each Domain Builds differently, with different categories of traits. 

Step 2. Choose Faction Traits

Progression markes our advancement and evolution through the Ages

Adjust Characteristics

from Abilities

Faction Wide 


Each class represents different types of models in the game.


There are 5 Levels of Classes. 

Class Traits are selected to give the class unique abilities to your faction

Step 3. Create Your Classes

dwarven classes.png

Optional- Load Image
Fillable form allows easy click and load.

Point Costs per model 

Class Options may be selected

Equipment Available to the Class

Playing the Game

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